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Established since 2010, our company specializes in localizing foreign bodies embedded into concrete structures.  We are committed to all our customers’ needs since the begining. All our technicians are well-trained, skilled and experience and will respond quickly to all your services request especially for last-minute discovery concrete scanning. Doing business with our experts avoid unforseen incidents due to existing constraints or plan modifications.



Find electrical conducts and cables hidden in concrete structures and/or buried Networks through direct or indirect induction.


Detection and real-time imaging of electrical conducts, frameworks, radiant piping and Post Tension cables found in any concrete structures.


We can attach accessories for radiodetection working simultaneously with the inspection camera to find the direction and the depth of any non-visible drain systems and piping.

Ground Radar

Detect underground pipes, reservoirs and tanks, lithology changes and other abnormalities under large areas.

Inspection cameras

Visual inspection of underground drains inspections, from 1-1/2″ diameter and over. A color movie fixed on a USB key is included in the inspection costs.

Magnetic localisation

Localize hidden water valves and other buried public utilities.

GPS Positioning

Registration of fixed point of object or buried conduits for a future referencing

Drilling and coring exploration

Sampling of concrete cores for testing and measurements


Our Technical Team and Construction Specialists owe a broad and well established expertise through regular professional training courses. Our Investigating Methods, Soil Detection Procedures and Concrete Infrastructure Discoveries are the sharpest and most efficient of the industry.

Please note that the cost of our services are definitively much lower than any cost related to any Damage Structure Repairs, Work Accident or any Stalled Project when no inspection has been done prior to the start


For any questions concerning our services and/or for a professional quotation, please contact us through the Contact section bellow or give us a call.

11450, 54e Avenue, Montréal (Québec) H1E 2J1

1-844-765-SCAN (7226)

514-795-SCAN (7226)

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